Wynonna Judd disputes with Ashley about their mother’s will but denies it.

Wynonna Judd dispelled reports that she had a falling out with her sister Ashley over their late mother’s inheritance in a recent interview with People. Following Naomi Judd’s suicide in April, rumours that her siblings had been left out of her will and talk of a potential family dispute quickly spread. What is the conflict about? Wynonna enquired of the journal. “I lead such a wonderful life. Ashley leads an amazing life. What makes us struggle for the will? The 58-year-old singer said that she and Ashley would divide the fortune following the passing of Larry Strickland, Naomi’s widower and the will’s executor. I lack the sophistication to declare, “I’m going to contest the will.” Wynonna stated, ostensibly denying.

“I never thought about it.” Wynonna disclosed in the feature how the death of their parents, with which she said she was still having trouble coping, led to the two of them growing closer to Ashley. Ashley is my go-to person, Wynonna stated. She is depending on me in a different sense, one that involves compassion. Being prosperous, intelligent, and talented are not prerequisites. It has to do with “I love you” and “I love you, too.”

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We shouldn’t be battling over the will, why would we? After Larry Strickland, Naomi’s widower and administrator of her will, passes away, the 58-year-old singer announced that she and Ashley would divide the fortune. In an apparent refutation of allegations to the contrary, Wynonna added, “I’m not saavy enough to go, ‘I’m going to fight the will. I had never thought about it. Following the passing of their parents, with which Wynonna said she was still having trouble coping, she talked openly in the feature about how she and Ashley grew closer. I’m depending on Ashley,” Wynonna said.

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