Without AppleCare, Apple Watch Ultra repairs might be very pricey.

The Apple Watch Ultra, a $799 wearable designed for people who engage in extreme activities like mountain climbing, ultramarathon running, or scuba diving, was unveiled by Apple on Wednesday. If you damage the watch while engaging in any of these activities, it might cost you a lot of money: an estimate tool on Apple’s website indicates that repairs for the watch will cost $499 if you don’t have AppleCare Plus (more on that in a moment). That costs a lot more than the $299 fix for a basic Series 8 car.

Additionally, replacing the battery on an Ultra will cost $99 as opposed to $79 for Apple’s less extreme devices. That does make sense; given that Apple predicts the Ultra would last twice as long as the Series 8, it most likely features a larger battery.

The hefty cost of repairs for the Ultra is not unusual, fair or not. Apple estimates that a Titanium Series 7 Edition repair would cost the same $499, which makes sense given that the Ultra is constructed of the same material. (A footnote does state that shipping for Apple Watch Editions is free; otherwise, you must pay.) When The Verge asked Apple for comment on whether it would also pay shipping on the Ultra, it didn’t respond right away.) But those aren’t even the most pricey fixes; if you damage your ceramic Series 5 and want it fixed without AppleCare Plus, you may end up shelling out $800.

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