Will Nate Diaz’s final match with the organisation be at UFC 279? Commentary from Dana White on the forthcoming free agency

DWCS 53 post-fight press conference on Tuesday: When asked about Diaz’s upcoming free agency, UFC CEO Dana White didn’t appear frightened, at least not in public.

White told MMA Junkie and other reporters, “Nate and I chatted and I said, ‘Listen.'” “This young man entered through ‘The Ultimate Fighter. He has fought for us in amazing wars. He has long played a significant role in this business. What else was there for me to ask of Nate Diaz? I wish Nate the best of luck in the world if he decides to make this his final fight. It was enjoyable. Dealing with those two has been a lot of fun.


White stated that although his remarks first appeared cynical, he actually loved having the Diaz Brothers support his promotion, even though there were some difficulties.

“Looking back, the Diaz Brothers have been an unbelievable delight. At the time, at the time, it was whatever. Legends in this sport, they are. In this organisation, they are legends. All the guys are here these days. We wish Nate the best if that is what he wants, so sure.

After Diaz (20-13 MMA, 15-11 UFC) voiced conflicting emotions about his predicament during UFC 279 fight week, White made his remarks a short while afterwards. While expressing his appreciation for White and the UFC, Diaz also remarked.

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