Your senses will leave you cold after viewing the photos of Ananya Pandey's sister performing obscene things on the beach. 

Alanna Panday Photos: Alanna Panday, who has consistently dominated social media through her images,  

has resurfaced, and these photos make her glitzy appearances very evident. 

Alanna Panday is the cousin of Ananya Panday and the niece of Bollywood star Chunky Panday 

Discussions about their dazzling appearances are frequent. Although Alana Pandey does not work in the 

film industry, she never misses an opportunity to gain attention online. 

She frequently posts images of her bare bottom on Instagram, where she frequently garners media attention.  

She has once more been the subject of some similar images. Recently, Alana published some bikini-clad 

photos, and her sense of style will astound her. These pictures show Alana showing off a very hot appearance 

while at the beach. However, she continues to appear in such photos frequently