With the exception of one, Queen Elizabeth has met every US president since Truman.

At the Scottish castle Balmoral, Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday at the age of 96.

She ruled Britain for the longest period of time and was a prominent role throughout wars, tremendous

social change, health crises around the world, and other events. Except for Lyndon B. Johnson, she met

every president of the United States dating back to Harry Truman. Although it was decades after he had

The queen was described as "more than a monarch" in a statement released on Thursday by President Joe

Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. She defined an era.”

"Queen Elizabeth II strengthened the fundamental ties between the United Kingdom and the United

States. She was a stateswoman of unequalled dignity and loyalty. The Bidens said in the statement that

Queen Elizabeth "helped make our relationship special." They first met the monarch in 1982 while