With his question, "Kun banega Sara ka shauhar," Karan Johar humiliates Sara Ali Khan.

Director and coffee Host of the show With Karan Karan Johar made every

effort to get his most recent guests, Varun Dhawan and Anil Kapoor, to talk

about sex, relationships, and adultery but ended up spilling his own secrets.

Varun turned the tables on him when he probed Varun too hard about the

"several" woman he had dated prior to marrying Natasha Dalal. "You were on

and off in your relationship dynamic with Natasha before," Karan stated to

Varun (wedding). You've been a city boy... Before you kind of chose to solidify

your relationship and get married, you kind of interacted with a lot of other

Everyone was astounded by Mouni Roy's incredible development throughout the years.