Which states have the lowest property taxes? And the highest? 

No matter where you live, if you own a home or any other property you will have to pay property tax.

Property taxes are used to fund essential government services like the fire and police departments, water systems and schools, among other thing

How are the taxes on property calculated? 

A tax assessor is  out there to estimate  the perceived value  of your home  and property and  then calculate the tax.  Accessors use a variety  of methods to  calculate taxes

What if assessment is done wrong?

What if assessment is done wrong?

Then you can appeal, and many property owners do. Between 20 and 40 percent win their appeal thus the property tax bill is reduced.

What is average Property Tax in America?

The average property tax of America after doing all the calculations comes out to be $2400.

Ten states with the lowest property tax

Louisiana  (0.18 percent) Hawaii  (0.26 percent ) Alabama  (0.33 percent) Delaware  (0.43 percent) District of Columbia  (0.46 percent)

Remaining 5

West Virginia (0.49 percent) South Carolina (0.5 percent) Arkansas  (0.52 percent) Mississippi  (0.52 percent) New Mexico (0.55 percent)

Ten states with the highest property taxes 

New Jersey (2.13 percent) Illinois (1.97 percent) New Hampshire (1.89 percent) Vermont (1.76 percent) Connecticut (1.73 percent)

Remaining 5

Texas  (1.60 percent) Nebraska  (1.54 percent) Wisconsin  (1.53 percent) Ohio  (1.52 percent) Pennsylvania (1.43 percent)

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