When Mahima Chaudhry said film industry once wanted ‘virgins who had not kissed’

Mahima Chaudhry previously discussed how the movie business changed over time. She claimed that because of their personal affairs, female actors were frequently dismissed during her day.  

Mahima stated in 2021, "I think the business is coming to a stage where female actresses are also making the shots," in an interview with Hindustan Times.  

They are in a wonderful and much more powerful position since they receive better roles, better income, and sponsorships.  

They are now more durable than previously. 

People would write you off as soon as you started dating someone since they only want virgins who had never kissed.  

When you started dating someone, people would go, "Oh! She is dating! If you were married, forget it; your professional life was gone. 

Tuesday was Mahima's birthday. Anupam Kher first announced Mahima's breast cancer diagnosis on social media back in June.  

The performer sought medical attention in a hospital but then claimed she was bald and couldn't work. Later, she provided an update on her cancer-free status. 

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