When Govinda remarked that Shah Rukh Khan was the "wisest" of them all

Govinda remarked during the performance, "I think Shah Rukh was always the wisest of all of us

 He makes sensible choices. He fell in love with himself as his first love. He has an excellent education

Even performers like me didn't learn stuff about the business at his young age.

Govinda's remarks against Shah Rukh received a lot of feedback from fans on Instagram.

He fell in love with himself first, as stated in the saying "Golden Line,"

according to one person. Another person added, "Both are self-made and brilliant actors."

Shah Rukh is currently preparing for the release of Pathan. Shah Rukh plays the protagonist character in

the Siddharth Anand-directed movie, which is supported by Yash Raj Films. John Abraham and

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