Emmy Wins: The Stars & Shows Who’ve Taken Home Gold More Than Anyone Else

Numerous Emmy Awards are presented annually. Both comedy and drama have acting and writing prizes,  

and there are prizes for programmes from all spheres of society. You name it: comedies, dramas, variety shows, reality 

TV shows can also be nominated for Emmys year after year, unlike movies. 

This implies that the truly adored programmes can win a tonne of statues. Here are the top 21 TV programmes in terms of Emmy wins.  

Why 21? because at least 18 Emmys have been awarded to 21 series. 

Sorry to "Dancing with the Stars" and "Veep," which only managed to win "just" 17 Emmys. 

The "Will and Grace" remake has been marginally more successful than the "Murphy Brown" one, 

but only because it hasn't added to the 18 wins it already had from its first season. 

However, it has already received three additional nominations, bringing its total to 91, an absolutely enormous number.