Top selling books according to USA TODAY'S 

From the past 10 years

'Midnight Sun,' by Stephenie Meyer

Bella Swan a young woman is distracted to choose shapeshifter Jacob black or vampire Edward Cullen


'Where the Crawdads Sing,' by Delia Owen

The novel revolves around story of Kya Clark,a young woman who is a suspect in death of popular Chase Andrews


'The Last Thing He Told Me,' by Laura Dave


In the story Hannah believes Owen Michaels is her love of life but he fades away

'The President Is Missing,' by James Patterson and Bill Clinton

the U.S. president disappears as a cyberterrorist threat grips the nation

'Camino Island,' by John Grisham

a charismatic Florida bookseller is a suspect in case of stealing the original manuscripts of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels .


'The Girl on the Train,' by Paula Hawkin

 the story revolves around the disappearance of a young woman who is married


'The Fault in Our Stars,' by John Green

a girl with terminal cancer who finds love in a support group


'Inferno,' by Dan Brown

After waking up in a Florence hospital with no memory of the past few days, Robert Langdon enters a mysterious world centered on Dante's "Inferno" while trying to retrace his past few day

'Gone Girl,' by Gillian Flynn

When Nick Dunne’s wife Amy disappears on their fifth anniversary, he is considered a suspect.


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