The bride and the family members present on the mandap flushed as the groom fulfilled the requirement in this way. 

The marriage ceremony is a very meaningful time for the groom. 

Everybody wants to remember their wedding. 

Some people do this by making nice decorations, while others do it by dancing well. Occasionally, viral wedding videos are quite funny 

In a video, the groom collapses from the stage somewhere, and the entire set also collapses. Users on social media really enjoy these videos. 

This time, the video we're talking about is adorable instead of amusing, and the audience really enjoys it. 

People do a lot of different things to make the wedding moment beautiful and unforgettable, such as the 

regal entrance of the bride and husband and the reception of the processions, but after watching this couple, 

you will also think that all these techniques are outdated. You can see in this video, which has gone viral on 

social media, that the groom does something that causes both the bride's mother and the bride, who is