Tejaswi Prakash Recalls Experiencing Body Shaming in School

Many famous people have spoken out about experiencing fat shaming in the past, including Sonam Kapoor and Chhavi Mittal. 

Tejasswi Prakash, the Naagin 6 star and recent Bigg Boss 15 winner, is included on the list.

The actress mentioned that she had experienced body shaming in school for being "too small" in a recent interview.

Tejasswi mentioned that she frequently received instructions to put a penny in her pocket to prevent flying away.

"Back in school, I was really thin. like how I used to be referred to as a hanger.

I was quite thin

Therefore, folks would warn me to keep a $5 coin in my pocket when playing on the school playground, she told IDiva.

Tejasswi continued by explaining how a woman's body is constantly changing and sharing an encouraging message for everyone who experiences body shaming. 

Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are following the trends.