SS Rajamouli reveals the genre of Mahesh Babu’s Film

This high-profile movie, which has a large Indian distribution in addition to an international one, is produced by KL Narayana.

Rajamouli will run a workshop for the movie for two months. The regular shoot is anticipated to start in May of the following year

By the end of February, Mahesh will wrap up shooting for Trivikram's movie and be ready for Rajamouli's movie

 According to rumours, the movie will be filmed in a number of different places throughout the world. The film's script is currently being written by Rajamouli

 There are several theories circulating about the movie, and Rajamouli verified its genre

Additionally, Rajamouli disclosed that the movie is a "Globetrotting Action Adventure

 Mahesh Babu will star in SS Rajamouli's next movie, which will be directed by him, and production will begin early in 2019

After his most recent film RRR received international acclaim, SS Rajamouli took part in the Toronto International Film Festival in 2022

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