Rights groups ask sponsors to press FIFA, Qatar on migrant worker compensation

Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and FairSquare stated on Tuesday 

that FIFA's partners and World Cup sponsors must compel FIFA and the Qatari

government to compensate migrant workers who suffered while preparing the country for the event.

The treatment of migrant workers, who make up the majority of the population

together with other foreigners, has drawn harsh criticism from human rights organizations.

When Reuters contacted the Qatari government for comment regarding the rights groups' claims, they did not answer right away.

Although denying a 2021 Amnesty International claim that thousands of migrant

workers were still being mistreated, the Qatari government has stated that its labor system is still under development.

Over 17,000 fans from 15 countries, including 10,000 from Europe, participated in a YouGov survey last week.