Rajasthan minister attacks Sachin Pilot after shoes hurled

At a mass gathering to mark the immersion of the ashes of Gurjar leader Colonel Kirori Singh Bainsla

Pilot's supporters are alleged to have thrown shoes at Congress leaders.

Rajasthan sports minister Ashok Chandna on Monday launched a scathing attack on former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot after the incident. 

"If Sachin Pilot becomes the chief minister by throwin' shoes at Congress leaders, I'll throw shoes at him," Chandna said.

According to the mosque committee, "Such petitions and shutting of mosques will lead to public mischief and communal division, will damage mosques around the country." 

Pilot, who is a member of the Gurjar community, was not present.

Afraid that the former deputy chief minister had not been invited to the event

Pilot's supporters in the crowd began shouting "Sachin Pilot Zindabad" as soon as Congress leaders took the stage. 

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