Megan Hilty mourns loved ones who died in floatplane crash: 'Truly no words'

megan Hilty has spoken out about the loved ones she lost in a floatplane disaster in Washington state on Sunday afternoon.

Megan Hilty, star of "Smash," said that a floatplane tragedy in Washington

state claimed the lives of several family members, including her unborn sister. AP Photo/Jordan Strauss/Invision

The "Smash" star paid tribute to her expectant sister, brother-in-law, and nephew

in a statement she shared on Instagram on Wednesday night.

She wrote, "My dear sister Lauren, my brother-in-law Ross, and my little nephew Remy were on that plane.

"My sister was eight months pregnant when we received this tragic news, and we were

In order to speak openly about the loved ones she lost in a floatplane tragedy on Sunday in Washington state, egan Hilty has finally done so.

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