‘Love Is Blind’ Stars Kyle Abrams & Deepti Vempati Finally Confirm Romance

For Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams, love is no longer blind. During the season 2 premiere of Love Is Blind

 the couple finally revealed on camera that they are dating after months of rumours. 

16th September's After the Altar was broadcast. Kyle, 30, said to Deepti, 31, in an emotional exchange,

 "I just want to start a relationship, like a true relationship,"

 He expressed to her his desire for it to be "exclusive" as opposed to "just like, in limbo."

We're going to truly try this, right? Deepti questioned him as they exchanged glances on the balcony. "Yeah, yeah," Kyle said in reply. I desire to.

Kyle expressed his regret for not pursuing his goals earlier to the Love Is Blind

reunion's hosts Nick, 48, and Vanessa Lachey, 41, during the event in March. 

Deepti recently revealed to New York Magazine that she, too, had deep love for Kyle.