Kejriwal dines with auto driver in Ahmedabad, but first deals with Gujarat cops. Here’s what happened

Kejriwal accepted the auto driver's invitation to have dinner at his home while he was in the city campaigning for the upcoming assembly election in December. 

 Kejriwal was allegedly stopped by police for riding in an auto in public in a video shared by AAP's Goa chief ministerial candidate Amit Palekar.

"Mai public representative hu, public me jaunga... Aap keh rahe ho public me nai jaa sakte...

ye Gujarat ke security par dhabba hai ki ek mukhya mantri ko aap auto me nahi le jaa sakte,"

he AAP chairman can be heard telling the officer. "This is a stain on Gujarat's level of security.

The AAP national convenor said, "Give your security to your chief minister...I don't want it."

The Delhi chief minister spoke with auto drivers at a public meeting in Ahmedabad today. 

There, he met Dantani, who introduced himself and asked the leader if he would like to have supper with him after learning that Kejriwal had eaten with a Punjabi driver.

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