Kareena Kapoor receives vicious trolls for leaving the house clutching a tea cup.

Kareena Kapoor Khan continues to garner attention because to both her

style and her films. The paparazzi positioned in front of her house

frequently give sight of the diva. A video of Bebo carrying a cup of tea or

coffee and walking toward her car recently went viral. Once more, internet

trolls made fun of the actress by asking, "Arre, yeh toh roadside wali chaaye

ki glass hai na? '. One more said, "Again tea on hand? Can't she just finish it

and go? Ye Kareena Ma'am Hmesha Chaye Ghadi Main Q Piti H was even

the question one person asked. But her devoted followers lavished the diva

After receiving the offer for Aitraaz, Priyanka Chopra sobbed and claimed she had been approached for a vamp's job.