FIFA World Cup 2022: Sponsors urged to back compensation for Qatar worker

As well as being accused of not doing enough to ease the difficult conditions, Qatar has also been accused of underreporting migrant worker deaths and injuries.

The amount of unpaid pay has also frequently increased.

On Tuesday, human rights organizations encouraged more World Cup sponsors in Qatar

Qatar to back demands for payments to migrant workers and their families for alleged abuses.

Additionally, he emphasized the steps that FIFA takes to protect those who work on World Cup projects

When Reuters contacted the Qatari government for comment regarding the rights groups' claims, they did not answer right away.

Although denying a 2021 Amnesty International claim that thousands of migrant

as well as spectators and other participants, by highlighting the measures that they take.

Over 17,000 fans from 15 countries, including 10,000 from Europe, participated in a YouGov survey last week.