Charles is King, William Will be Prince of Wales & 'Technical' Title for Harry’s Son: New Royal Order

After a wait of more than 70 years, the longest by an heir in British history, Prince Charles has finally succeeded his mother Queen Elizabeth II as ruler of the United Kingdom and 14 other nations.

No date has yet been chosen for the coronation of Charles, who is now King Charles III

the oldest person to ever ascend the British throne.

The new position will be challenging. Despite the fact that his late mother enjoyed enormous popularity and respect

the royal family she leaves behind has had its relationships and reputations damaged by persisting claims of racism against Buckingham Palace staff.

William, his 40-year-old eldest son and current heir, lives a life of customary responsibilities

With his American ex-actress wife Meghan and family, Harry, the younger son, lives outside of Los Angeles

pursuing a new profession that is more in line with Hollywood than Buckingham Palace. Once close, the brothers are now hardly able to communicate.

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