Brazil's decision to prohibit the sale of iPhones without chargers will be challenged by Apple. 

The Brazilian Ministry of Justice has issued a decree prohibiting Apple from marketing 

iPhones without chargers there. It also ordered the cancellation of the iPhone 12's 

registration with the nation's national telecoms agency Anatel and slapped the tech giant 

with a punishment of 12.275 million Brazilian reals ($2.38 million). With the debut of the 

iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple discontinued including chargers with its mobile devices, citin 

The business claimed that by selling gadgets without power adapters, the number of 

production steps required for each unit would be reduced. Apple stated that the decision to 

cease packaging chargers will save 861,000 tonnes of copper, zinc, and tin in its 2021 

Environmental Progress Report. Additionally, being able to ship devices more effectively 

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