Another Wedding Bell In Bollywood, Richa Chadha And Ali Fazal To Tie Knot On This Date

Long-term boyfriend and girlfriend in Bollywood Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal are getting married. 

There are extensive preparations being made for this. From Delhi to Mumbai, events will be planned in both locations. A lavish reception is planned, and there is a lengthy guest list. 

Richa and Ali were previously reported to be getting married towards the end of September, but the actual date has now been revealed, and it will be a full wedding celebration. 

The wedding of Icha and Ali is referred to as a Big Bollywood Wedding. 

The event will begin in Delhi by the end of September and go until October 7, according to a Times story. All of the pre-wedding events fall under this category. 

On October 6, Richa and Ali will eventually compete in seven rounds in Mumbai. The formal event will be held on October 7. 

Last month, Richa was seen discussing her marriage in an interview. I believe we will be married this year," she had remarked. Richa had also stated that although they are both really eager to wed, they are a little anxious about Covid.  

In addition to this, Richa said that both were overly preoccupied with their separate jobs. The marriage was also being delayed as a result of this. 

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