Amid continuous adultery suspicions, Adam Levine accuses him of sending flirtatious text messages.

Alanna Zabel, who claims to have been Adam Levine's yoga instructor from

2007 to 2010, revealed that she too had received inappropriate and flirtatious

texts from the married Maroon 5 singer after more women came forward.

However, she claimed that her personal consequences were much worse

I want to spend the day with you naked, he texted me one day, Zabel wrote in

her since-deleted Instagram story. My envious ex observed that I was in the

"I convinced my ex that I was certain it was meant for Adam's then girlfriend,

Becky, and was a mistake," she continued. If that was the case, I texted Adam

Tiffany Haddish claimed that a child molestation case caused her to lose all of her gigs.