All is not well with our globe, Priyanka Chopra declares during the UN General Assembly.

Global unity, according to Priyanka Chopra, is "more necessary than ever"

since "everything is not well with our planet." She gave a speech to the UN

General Assembly. During her speech at the United Nations General

Assembly in New York, actor Priyanka Chopra discussed how "all is not well

with our world." Priyanka posted a number of images and videos from the

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Moment at the UNGA on Instagram.

Priyanka was pictured with Vanessa Nakate in one of the images. In another

photo, Priyanka grinned beside Malala Yousafzai, Amanda Gorman, Somaya

Faruqi, and Judith Hill. She also presented a little excerpt of Amanda's speech on the occasion.