Ridge is struck over the head by destiny, and Hope and Thomas form a bond.

At Forrester, Ridge walks in and informs Thomas that Brooke had lied to him once more. Thomas apologises and expresses surprise that she didn’t confess when they heard her name. I know, Ridge thumps his fist against the table. If he called her out on it, Thomas inquires. Ridge gave her the opportunity to confess, but she maintained she had no idea who could have placed the call. Even for Brooke, Thomas thinks this is a new low, so he inquires as to what his father said. Ridge sighs. What was the purpose of him saying nothing? She lied to him face-to-face and over the phone. Thomas observes as he leaves the room to reflect.

At home, Brooke schedules a romantic supper for her and Ridge in a secluded cabana by the sea. When Liam enters, she tells him that she and her spouse need some alone time. When he inquires as to where Hope is, Brooke replies that she went to the workplace. That indicates she is with Thomas, Liam sighs. Brooke wonders whether Thomas is doing everything he can to keep her there because he wants to go over and see for himself. Hope wants so badly to think he has changed, Liam muses. She only wants everything to go well. Although Ridge, Taylor, and Steffy believe Thomas is harmless, Brooke gripes that she will never be able to trust him. The Douglas predicament is discussed.

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Steffy gripes that Taylor and Ridge are in love and that Ridge is married to a woman who can’t help but touch and kiss other men. She’s tired of hearing others talk about “destiny,” and she believes her father will soon see Brooke for who she truly is. Steffy implores her mother to have faith in Ridge and their relationship.

When Hope enters the office at Forrester, Thomas has coffee on his shirt and is getting it off. She heard that CPS was visiting the home, so she came to see him.

An upset Ridge walks around the sofa in the Forrester home, drops his keys on the table, and then goes outside to the terrace where he stands sobbing and shaking his head. “Brooke, why would you do this? Why? We’ve each given the other so much grace. Again, here we are. How am I spending my life?

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