Prince Andrew’s sex need and the frequent visits of ladies to Buckingham Palace have been made public.

This Wednesday’s publication of a documentary reveals Prince Andrew’s sex addiction and the fact that he frequently met with women inside Buckingham Palace.

Paul Page, who served as a royal protection officer for six years and saw the countless women parade into Buckingham Palace to see Prince Andrew—who is friends with the paedophile Jeffrey Epstein—recalls it this way. For this reason, Prince Andrew was given permission to resign from his public duties as the Duke of York.

He ought to have a rotating door in his bedroom, we used to quip. In the documentary “Prince Andrew: Banished,” which premieres this Wednesday, Page reveals that there were literally ladies going in and out of the room every other day to see him.

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You obese moron, pay attention to me. I’ll go there if you don’t let my visitor in “When one of the women was denied admission, the prince remarked to one of the policemen, who then had to contact him to explain what had occurred. was taking place, which is why the Duke of York was annoyed.

And although though Andrew should have been treated with some respect given his position, he was labelled by him as a terrible guy in addition to the fact that he discussed his sex addiction in the same documentary. Journalist Helen Kirwan-Taylor observed that the prince “couldn’t keep his pants up,” while royal author Phil Dampier noted that the prince never smoked, used drugs, or drank alcohol “the sole item

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