On CCTV, Cyrus Mistry’s Luxury Car Minutes Before Fatal Crash

A video shows the Mercedes SUV on the road just before the accident on Sunday afternoon, one day after Cyrus Mistry died in a car accident close to Mumbai.

With Darius Pandole, a former independent director of the Tata Group, his wife Anahita Pandole, and brother Jehangir Pandole, Cyrus Mistry, a former chairman of Tata Sons, rode in a Mercedes GLC sports utility vehicle.

Camera footage reveals how, 20 minutes before to the collision, the car passes the Dapchari checkpoint while travelling at high speed across a bridge over the Surya River to a checkpoint. Approximately 135 kilometres from Mumbai, the automobile would then crash into a road fence on a bridge at Charoti Naka.

The event was observed by an eyewitness who works for a mechanic. Hearing a loud bang, he hastened to the location.

The driver was a Mumbai-based gynaecologist named Anahita Pandole. According to police, she may have lost control of the car when she sped up to pass another car from the wrong side and struck a road barrier.


In addition, the bridge over the Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway abruptly shifts from three lanes to two lanes, which is also thought to be one of the accident’s contributing factors.

The passengers in the back seat, Cyrus Mistry and Jehangir Pandole, died. Police sources claim that they were not buckled in.

Both Darius Pandole, 60, and Anahita Pandole, 55, who were sitting in the front seat, sustained significant wounds.

The car is being checked for mechanical problems as police analyse the video from all of the nearby CCTV cameras. In addition, they are attempting to extract data from a chip mounted within the car, which is akin to a black box.

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