Obama quips about infamous tan suit during portrait unveiling

President Barack Obama was asked not to smile or make any motions while being photographed by artist Robert McCurdy so that he could paint the official picture of the president.

And no tan suit, Obama said in jest during the launch on Wednesday.
In a recent interview with the White House Historical Association, which purchases and sponsors official portraits of presidents and first women,

McCurdy stated, “We’re not looking for a gestural moment. “We’re looking for a more transcendent or meditative moment.”
Years later, such directives have resulted in an official presidential artwork that is noticeably different.

The portrait of Obama, which was unveiled on Wednesday during a ceremony in the East Room, is a photorealistic image of the former President set against a dazzling white background.

Obama gazes out from the canvas at the viewer with a mysterious expression while donning a black suit, a white shirt, and a light grey tie.

Nothing else alters the makeup in any way.
“I adore Robert’s paintings because he captures people as they truly are, flaws and all.

Every crease on your shirt, every furrow in your brow, every furrow in your brow, “Obama stated at the event on Wednesday. “You’ll see that he made no attempt to cover up my grey hairs refused to shrink my ears as I asked.

By the way, he also convinced me against donning a tan suit.”

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