‘No Seat Belts, Over-Speeding’: Police on Accident That Killed Cyrus Mistry

According to a police inspector who conducted a preliminary inquiry, Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of Tata Sons, and a fellow passenger were not wearing seat belts when they died in a car accident on Sunday. Additionally, they suggested that the driver’s lapse in judgement and excessive speed may have been to blame for the collision.

After crossing the Charoti checkpoint in the Palghar district, 120 kilometres from Mumbai, the luxury car travelled 20 kilometres in under 9 minutes, according to the initial inquiry.

Mistry (54) and Jahangir Pandole were killed instantly when the automobile struck a traffic barrier on the Surya river bridge. Mistry was travelling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai when the incident occurred at 2:30 pm.

Gynecologist Anahita Pandole, who practises in Mumbai, was the driver (55). Both she and her husband suffered critical injuries in the collision.

According to the preliminary inquiry, the car collision was caused by overspeeding and a mistake in judgement. neither of the deceased wore a seatbelt, “On Sunday night, the policeman said. “After reviewing the CCTV footage from the Charoti checkpoint, Palghar Police discovered that the collision happened 20 kilometres (in the direction of Mumbai) ahead of where the automobile had crossed the checkpoint at 2:21 p.m “explained he.


According to the police, this demonstrates that the Mercedes car travelled 20 kilometres (from the cheek post) in under 9 minutes, adding that the collision happened at 2:30 pm on the Surya river bridge. Jahangir Pandole and Mistry were seated at the rear. According to the authorities, Anahita was driving and Darius was in the front seat. According to a witness, the driver of the car attempted to pass another vehicle from the left side but lost control and slammed into the road barrier instead.

According to the police, assistance arrived in about ten minutes, and two injured people were removed from the automobile and transported by ambulance to the hospital. The other two, though, were brought in dead.

“Two persons were brought here dead, including Cyrus Mistry. Internal haemorrhage and a head injury plagued Cyrus. It appears to be an accidental death at first. After the police inquiry, further information will be available, according to Dr. Shubaham Singh of Kasa District Hospital.

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