Nick Kyrgios throws racket-smashing tantrum after losing to Karen Khachanov

On Tuesday night, Nick Kyrgios, who is renowned for his on-court performances, did not disappoint the crowd. Kyrgios vented his rage and aggravation with a couple rackets after losing a close five-setter to Karen Khachanov, who had already won the US Open just before the semifinals.

He shook hands with the bench referee and then headed off. Even breaking several rackets required him to reach into his bag.

Traditional Kyrgios That wasn’t all, though. He was always yelling at his squad in the player’s box (which also housed his girlfriend), whining about his knees, or requesting more help.

Kyrgios is not a stranger to this. He continually engages in it.

But those days, you won’t actually see that during a quarterfinal night game at Arthur Ashe Stadium. This is because to Kyrgios’ inexperience in this situation, despite being an excellent player.

Prior to a few months ago, his greatest Grand Slam finishes occurred in 2014 and 2015. Prior to that, he had never advanced this far in the US Open.

When she made her first Grand Slam semifinal and final at Wimbledon in July, that situation altered. where Novak Djokovic won the championship.

Normally, Kyrgios is all smug and cranky, but after the defeat and his racket-busting rage, he was surprisingly reflective when addressing the media.

This time, he took no responsibility for the defeat. And he didn’t put the blame on his bothersome knee. He held himself responsible for his lack of psychological readiness for the demand.

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