New Game Plus Is Delayed by Cyberpunk 2077 Because It Has An “Incredibly Complex Feature”

The recent large 1.6 update for Cyberpunk 2077 also laid the groundwork for upcoming significant patches. The long-awaited New Game Plus mode, meanwhile, won’t be arriving any time soon because it’s a “extremely complicated addition to implement,” according to the developer.

Lead level designer for CDPR Miles Tost responded to questions from fans on Twitter by providing some extra information regarding NG+, a feature that the Cyberpunk 2077 community frequently requests. He claims that because the game is heavily focused on the plot and has cinematic beats that players don’t take into account, it is challenging to integrate such a feature.

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The development of New Game Plus “is an extraordinarily sophisticated feature,” requiring extensive game balance and customizations. For instance, Tost frequently mentioned V’s skill checks in dialogues and gameplay throughout the plot, which would only upset the perks’ already-established balance.

Other difficult problems are V’s early in the game’s sophisticated cyberware implants, which just don’t fit in many settings like your initial trip to Vik’s clinic. These cutscenes might need to be completely rewritten. All of your vehicles share this trait, some of which are story-related and must be acquired twice by the players.

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