How Jesse Lee Soffer Left the NBC Series Chicago P.D.

Jesse Lee Soffer left NBC’s Chicago P.D. in tonight’s episode, “A Good Man,” after a stellar nine-season+ career.

The good news is that his character Detective Jay Halstead did not pass away and could come back at some point. It wouldn’t be the first time a favourite figure who had left One Chicago had come back. Jesse Spencer and Monica Raymund from Chicago Fire, as well as Yaya DaCosta, have most recently appeared in Chicago Med.

When Hailey (Tracy Spiridakos) awakens one morning, she discovers that her husband Halstead was gone the previous evening. Halstead has had a thought percolating in his mind for a while, but he hasn’t discussed it with his partner. For unclear reasons, he vanishes into the night with Voight (Jason Beghe), yet there is no denying that this has changed him. In addition, Voight is dealing with his own problems as a result of the bizarre events of the previous season, which saw his C.I. shot by Hailey herself and survive.

Chicago P.D. star Jesse Lee Soffer will exit NBC drama in season 10 |

Halstead and Hailey rejoin with a sense of unease after the latter cleans up the scene of an ongoing drugstore heist. While responding to the call, Halstead encounters Lenny, a good Samaritan who assists him in clearing the area of danger. Lenny loses his life while putting himself in danger to save a pregnant onlooker. As Halstead and Hailey pursue the culprits, Lenny is brought to the hospital.

In an unexpected change of events, Lenny reveals out to be a member of the gang of pill thieves. He asks Halstead to keep what he done from his family and to let him pass away with his reputation intact. To Hailey’s dismay, Halstead works to preserve Lenny’s reputation after he dies from his wounds. Halstead can clearly feel Voight’s influence, and she is unable to stop it.

Halstead runs into one of Lenny’s criminal acquaintances at a warehouse while trying to disassociate Lenny from the crime, and a fight breaks out. Just as his wife and Voight arrive, Halstead ends up stabbing him in self-defense. Hailey contacts the crime site and makes a substitute

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