Fire Spreads to Hotel Above in Secunderabad E-Scooter Showroom, Causing 8 Deaths

A large fire that started at an electric scooter showroom in Secunderabad, Telangana, spread to a hotel on the upper levels of the multi-story structure late last night, killing eight people and injuring many more.

According to authorities, a fire started at the building’s ground-floor electric scooter dealership and quickly spread to the Ruby Hotel’s first and second floors, where at least 25 guests were staying.
They said that the majority of the fatalities appeared to be the result of asphyxiation brought on by the smoke.

According to officials, the Fire Department used crane ladders to rescue a number of individuals, and several locals also assisted in the rescue efforts. Videos also illustrate some individuals attempting

“Where the fire began, there were electric scooters parked. We don’t know if it began as a result of overcharging and spread from there or if it originated somewhere else. That still needs to be determined, “Reuters cited Chandana Deepti, Hyderabad’s deputy commissioner, as saying this.

Secunderabad: 8 dead as fire breaks out at electric bike showroom

Authorities claim that when the fire started, the building’s water sprinkler system was inoperable; this claim is currently under investigation.

A probe has been ordered, according to Telangana Home Minister Mohammad Mehmood Ali, to determine what started the fire.

“Fire brigade teams made every effort to free people from the lodge, but several of them perished as a result of the intense smoke. We are looking into what caused the situation “explained he.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised a 2 lakh compensation in a tweet.

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