Doja Cat previews a new record that heavily channels German rave from the 1990s.

The “Kiss Me More” singer revealed the “problem” she and her colleagues are encountering is taking their “many ideas” and making them “consistent.” The “Kiss Me More” singer is working on her fourth record, the follow-up to 2021 LP “Planet Her.”

She stated the following to the CR Fashion Book: “Simply put, we have a tonne of ideas, and right now the difficulty is in keeping them consistent.

“I’m not sure much, honestly. I’m just aware that a lot is happening. Right now, I’m really into this funky German rave feel from the 1990s.”

Doja has always loved electronic music, despite the fact that she has noticed a trend of artists embracing it, such as Drake on “Honestly, Nevermind” and Beyonce on “Renaissance.”

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“That serves as a type of album clue. not house, rave culture.”

Doja, who hasn’t yet formally announced her upcoming album, also said she’s having a studio built in her house, though she’s presently working elsewhere.

She uttered: “I frequent studios, and so do my friends. I’m currently renovating a studio at my home, and I’m quite happy about it.

But since that will take some time, I must visit specific locations right away.

There are few details about the upcoming album, however Doja has stated that the songs would “predominantly rap.”

She had previously stated: “I’ve been rapping since the beginning, and to be honest, I couldn’t even sing very well to start.

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