Clinton said that the GOP is “trying to make this about me again” as the FBI investigates Trump.

Hillary Clinton, a former secretary of state, claimed on Tuesday that the “right is trying to make this about me again,” as Republicans increasingly draw parallels between the fact that she was cleared of all charges in an FBI investigation into her use of a private email server in 2016 and the ongoing investigation into how former president Donald Trump handled confidential government information.

I find it unbelievable that we are still discussing this, but my emails… Trump tweeted. The reality is that I had no classified emails.

In another tweet, she said, “That’s right: ZERO.”

The Democratic contender for president in 2016 responded to Republican talking points in a series of tweets, which is unusually in public. She stated, “I’m more over talking about this than anyone, but here we are. Recently, Clinton has been touring the country to promote “Gutsy,” an Apple TV Plus show that she and her daughter Chelsea are creating.

Republicans have been scrambling to defend Trump in recent weeks after the FBI raided his Florida mansion, Mar-a-Lago, and discovered highly confidential records. Some have used Clinton as an example of carelessness in handling government business that went unpunished by the legal system.

Donald Trump Reverses Threat To Prosecute Hillary Clinton

Graham predicted that there would be riots in the streets if President Trump were to be charged with mishandling confidential material after Hillary Clinton installed a server in her basement. I am concerned about our nation.

By afterwards sharing a clip of the Republican senator’s Fox interview, Trump seemed to be endorsing the remarks. Early on Wednesday, Graham did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Days before the 2016 presidential election, James B. Comey, the FBI’s then-director, announced a reopened inquiry into Clinton’s use of a personal email server.

Clinton stated on Tuesday that “Comey conceded he was wrong after he claimed I had classified emails” after the FBI eventually opted against charging her.

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