Books about Queen Elizabeth are being withdrawn from Texas libraries. The explanation might shock you.

Mindy Selby, the librarian at a Fort Worth elementary school, was unaware that Queen Elizabeth II was “under medical supervision” at Balmoral Castle when she arrived at work on Thursday morning. Hours later, Buckingham Palace issued a statement confirming that the 96-year-old monarch of Britain had passed away. As soon as the news broke today, Selby remarked, “I started culling my books displaying Elizabeth as the present UK monarch.” Selby, a librarian at Hubbard Heights Elementary, used the incident as a “mini-lesson” for the pupils on the need to update libraries whenever significant historical events take place.

As kids learn about the historic milestone that is Queen Elizabeth II’s departure, Selby and the hundreds of other librarians from Fort Worth schools will finish this protracted process in the coming days. Books that depict Charles and William in their out-of-date roles are among the other publications that will need to be weeded.



The majority of the day’s lessons in Arlington had already ended when the formal news was made. However, Jeff Beck, the chairman of Martin High School’s social studies department, said there are certain lessons he thinks the kids will learn when they return to class on Friday. In contrast to the United States, where there is no separation between the two, the Queen of England is a head of state but not the head of government, he claimed. “In the US, we anticipate that our presidents will do both the formal duties and the actual governing.”

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