An in-depth look at how Dynamic Island functions on the iPhone 14 Pro with apps, animations, and more

Apple formally unveiled the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max this week. The 14 Pro models have a new display design with Dynamic Island, a cutout at the top of the screen that substitutes the notch with smart capabilities, even if the exterior of the device largely resembles prior iPhones. Continue reading as we explain how this feature actually functions.

The front camera and Face ID sensors each have their own separate cutouts in the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro. Apple, however, decided to make that area default to the appearance of a single pill-shaped cutout using the OLED panel. However, as the cutout transforms into larger cards that serve as widgets, Dynamic Island is capable of much more.

Using the iPhone Simulator, a tool that enables developers to test out iOS apps directly on a Mac, we were able to replicate the many Dynamic Island solutions that Apple has worked on.

Functions of Dynamic Island

It’s tough to ignore the smoothness of Dynamic Island’s animations. An programme that supports Dynamic Island returns immediately after being closed. The cutout increases larger based on the action the app proposes. For instance, when you set a timer, iPhone displays the progress at the top of the screen in real time.

Dynamic Island’s widget expands when you press it for a long time, revealing some simple controls. You may pause and end timers right from Dynamic Island. The same applies to apps like Music and FaceTime. On Dynamic Island, certain system events, such as turning on the Focus mode or plugging in the iPhone, also start animations.

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