According to Anna Kendrick, the Pitch Perfect group chat is “disgustingly adorable.”

The 37-year-old actress co-starred in the “Pitch Perfect” movie series with actors including Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, and Brittany Snow. According to Anna, the ensemble is still very close.

“Oh my god, you guys, it’s almost been 10 years and remember this night,” she said in the statement. And we’re freezing cold while uploading photographs from filming the initial riff off in that empty pool. Therefore, it’s really cute—almost disgustingly so.

Between 2012 and 2017, Anna appeared in all three “Pitch Perfect” films, and during the course of that time, she and her co-stars grew close.

“I believe like after the third movie, it really did seem like,” she said to E! News

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Anna recently experienced some drama when she got caught in an elevator.

The famous actor compared it to being in a “absurdist farce”

It was quite dramatic, Anna said.

We’re not trapped in this elevator, it would be too wild, that would be nuts, I thought as soon as the elevator kind of kerplunk. In this absurdist comedy, I was. Thank heavens, because if not, I might have found myself in a horror movie where people are locked in elevators for ever.

When Anna attempted to flee, she was relieved that she was donning a “large flowy skirt.”

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Everything else I possessed was around the size of a miniskirt, but today, something tells me, is the day to wear the long, flowing skirt since that was the day I had to exit an elevator through a hatch.

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