Aamir Khan And Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt On Film Ghulam Set Controversy Trivia


Aamir Khan-Mahesh Bhatt Controversy: Aamir Khan is not just called Mr. Perfectionist in the film industry. Aamir can go to any extent for quality in his work. Due to this star power, Aamir has even clashed with Mahesh Bhatt, who is considered to be Bollywood’s veteran filmmaker. Let’s know about this interesting encounter.

what was the whole matter

A special habit of Mahesh Bhatt is that whenever he directs a film, he never goes to the sets of the film to shoot the songs and action scenes of the film. Mahesh Bhatt gets this work done by his assistant only. Aamir Khan did not like this thing of Mahesh Bhatt during the shooting of the film Ghulam. He asked Mahesh Bhatt to come on the sets of the film, but he had a status of his own. Mahesh Bhatt did not pay attention to Aamir Khan’s point. There was a lot of debate between Aamir Khan and Mahesh Bhatt regarding this matter. The result of this debate was that Mahesh Bhatt withdrew from directing the film Ghulam.

Mukesh Bhatt’s intervention

When the matter went beyond the limit, the producer of the film Mukesh Bhatt had to come in the middle. Mukesh with great difficulty persuaded Aamir Khan to work in the film. After this the responsibility of directing the film was handed over to Vikram Bhatt. The film was completed under the direction of Vikram Bhatt. The film also became a hit. In the film Ghulam, the scene of Aamir Khan running in front of the train became very famous. Along with this, the song of the film – Aati Kya Khandala – also looted a lot of fame.

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