A teleporting fox girl who plays support: a fresh Overwatch 2 hero leak

The surprise from Blizzard has now been revealed. Late Friday night, a YouTuber by the name of Kuriboh Cervantes posted a video introducing Kiriko, the newest hero in Overwatch 2. The firm tried to censor the content, an incomplete animated short that introduces Kiriko and highlights some of her skills, but it was already too late. Online, the cinematic is simple to find.

The next hero shooter from Blizzard is called Overwatch 2. The sequel, which completely replaces the original game, has already changed what Overwatch is, with its free-to-play business model being the most significant adjustment. Naturally, a new game implies new characters, and Overwatch 2 has added a few new faces to its cast, including Sojourn (the first playable Black woman in the game) and Junker Queen, a tank with a Mad Max aesthetic. In a radical shift from how you typically acquire Overwatch characters through free updates, new heroes will periodically be added and unlocked through the new battle pass.

Leaked Overwatch 2 video gives first look at upcoming hero Kiriko - Dot  Esports

One of those heroes is Kiriko, a support character that Blizzard unintentionally unveiled earlier this week in a part of the $40 Watchpoint Pack for Overwatch 2 that now has been deleted and contains skins, virtual in-game currency, and other items.

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