A startlingly dire warning has just been issued by scientists to humanity.

According to scientists, humanity should be concerned since the extinction rate of trees on Earth is approaching unheard-of proportions. For many years, the condition of the trees in our environment has been a persistent concern. But it appears that the problem is getting worse, and now we’re dealing with a serious extinction-level problem that might imperil entire ecosystems.

In the diverse ecosystems that make up our globe, trees are crucial. State of the World’s Trees, a report published by a group of scientists last year, examined how the extinction of particular tree species has impacted entire ecosystems. The ongoing problem with Earth’s trees has now become much more serious, and the same scientific team has now issued a warning. The study details the numerous effects that the extinction of any one of these tree species could have on the world and is supported by 45 other scientists from more than 20 different nations. These losses would also have an impact beyond of the immediate ecosystems. The losses, according to the researchers, will have an impact on our way of life, economies, and food.

Scientists just issued a shockingly bleak 'warning to humanity' - BGR

According to scientists, half of all plants and animals depend on trees for their habitat. Yet, in the name of progress, humanity keeps destroying these significant ecosystems. The trees of Earth have been afflicted by this depressingly growing issue for generations. But as time goes on, more and more of this expansion’s impacts become apparent.

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